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2016.12 Bringing Indigenous Kamchatka to Google Earth Collaborative Digital Mapping with the Itelmen Peoples

Brian Thom, Benedict J. Colombi, and Tatiana Degai. Bringing Indigenous Kamchatka to Google Earth Collaborative Digital Mapping with the Itelmen Peoples. Published (Print) 01 Dec 2016, Research Article, Pages: 1–30  Abstract.  Indigenous peoples in the Russian Far East are engaged in vibrant cultural and linguistic resurgence and revitalization through their community and regional organizations. Through the activities of these organizations, a computer-aided … Читать далее

2016.12 Pavel Sulyandziga. Government & businesses interests silencing Russia’s indigenous peoples

Pavel Sulyandziga — Russian politician, human rights activist, one of the leaders of the Russian indigenous peoples’ movement, member of the UN Working Group on business & human rights, Ph.D. in Economics, professor emeritus of the UNESCO Department of the Novosibirsk State University.  The article was originally published at the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre … Читать далее